Below are some testimonials I have received from clients I’ve worked with.

Helen was recommended to me by a long-time friend and I’ve gotten a lot out of our sessions as I change careers. We’ve covered large themes like values and needs as well as more specific topics like individual job offers. Each time I come away feeling lighter, clearer and appreciative of what the situation is teaching me, with a concrete next step to take or even a better question to ask myself. I’d recommend Helen for her ability to listen fully, enquire compassionately, and focus on next steps – a highly professional and personable person to have in your corner.

Nicky Griffin

Coaching wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done. I felt that Helen was very adept at holding up the mirror and asking questions that helped clear some of the self placed obstacles. Helen helped me see my goals with more clarity and worked with me to break down the approach to them into smaller achievable, and less intimidating steps. Most importantly for me, she helped me towards holding myself accountable. Coaching with Helen was like having my internal voice externalised. She helped me boost my focus and clarity, and work towards answering the challenging questions that I’d been avoiding.

Leena Mooneeram, Developer Productivity Engineer

Quite simply, Helen is a great coach! Her empathetic style, powerful questions, and insightful observations truly helped me develop clarity around my personal values and wider goals. After each session with her, I came away with viable actions to improve my professional performance whilst also balancing my work-life harmony. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jim Hawkins, Management Consultant

Helen’s coaching was one of the most rewarding activities I’ve partaken in, and her clear, open and empathetic style enabled the whole process. She helped me to listen to myself thinking aloud, and tidy my thoughts into actionable tasks. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen to anyone who wants to feel the benefit of working through, ordering and unblocking their own career thoughts, plans and goals.

Jen Bower, Delivery Lead